Ipoh Secrets Kinta Nature Park Group Photo

Kinta Nature Park – Now a Perak State Park

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FINALLY! The real good news came finally and Kinta Nature Park aka Kinta Bird Park had officially gazetted as a nature reserve by Malaysia Perak State government!

Although it's been promised a long time ago (more than 19 years ago - link), nothing had been done afterward. It's been a long fight to get this ex-mining site turned migratory bird sanctuary protected as it has always been neglected. The abandoned park left us with a very bad impression on our visit more than 2 years ago with when we brought a group of guests for a visit. The road leading to the park was a long and bumpy dirt & gravel pathway filled with huge potholes. Once we arrived at the main entrance, you'll be welcomed by illegal duck farms and stinking cow dungs, damaged public facilities, and overgrown bushes taller than man surrounds you once you walk past the entrance to the park!

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Ipoh Secrets Lantern Night Walk 2017 Group Photo

Lantern Night Walk 2017 Photos

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Lantern Night Walk 2017 Photos

Great thanks to all the participants and Vloft Hostel for making this happen! Hope that you all had a great walk! To be honest, we actually didn't expect to have such a big crowd since there are so many Mid-Autumn Festival events around Ipoh.

Here are some of the photos of Ipoh Secrets Lantern Night Walk 2017 on the 4th October 2017. FYI, most of the photos sourced from Facebook users who attended the event.

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Ipoh Secrets - Lantern Night Walk 2017 | Lantern Festival (Ipoh Old Town)

Lantern Night Walk 2017 | Lantern Festival

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Mid-Autumn Festival @ Ipoh Old Town

People often wondered what to do at night in Ipoh, most say that there’s nothing much to do after 5pm… which is kinda true. That is why this year Ipoh Secrets will be organizing our first-ever “Lantern Night Walk 2017” (FB link)!

Explore Ipoh old town like never before, right after dark! It’ll be fun to see lanterns with all kinds of shapes and sizes walking along Kinta River and around the old town of Ipoh! This event will feature guides from Ipoh Secrets and Vloft Backpackers Hostel to lead you around, going off the beaten path!

Participants will be required to bring along their own lantern, with enough spare candles & your lighter. Lanterns can be store-bought or *DIY, it is up to you! (more…)

"Kumarsutra" Nationwide Tour in Ipoh - IpohSecrets

“Kumarsutra” Nationwide Tour

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Stand Up Comedy Coming To Ipoh – “Kumarsutra” Nationwide Tour

For the first time ever, stand-up comedian Kumar will be performing “Kumarsutra” Nationwide, and his first stop will be in Ipoh, Perak. Yes, you’re right! The legendary hill city, dotted full with Cave Temples, renowned for the one and only place to go for White Coffee, Nasi Ganja, Kai See Hor Fun, Tau Foo Fah, and don’t forget to join a heritage walk to learn about the old tin mining town here! Don’t miss this one of a kind show at the Kinta Riverfront Hotel, 8th SEPTEMBER 2017! Read more about it below. (more…)

Recognized with 2017 Certificate of Excellence

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Yesterday we received an email from TripAdvisor and to our surprise, it’s an award! Below explains what is Certificate of Excellence, quoted from TripAdvisor’s website and as you can see, it’s only given to the top 10%!

TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence award honors hospitality businesses that consistently achieve outstanding reviews on TripAdvisor. This award is only given to the top 10 percent of accommodations, attractions, restaurants, and vacation rentals listed on TripAdvisor.

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This achievement proves that where there’s a will there’s a way. We started as a small company with only limited funds, manpower, and without any kind of backing. Working alone feeding on pure passion and dedication, being recognized is a huge thing for us!


Spending Your 2016 Vesak Day Holiday - Tambun Tibetan Pagoda

Spending Your 2016 Vesak Day Holiday

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Had any idea on spending your 2016 Vesak Day holiday? How about going for “Thangka” sunning ritual & a prehistoric cave… on the same day?

Vesak day is one of the many public holidays in Malaysia celebrated by Buddhist all around the world. Buddhism spread from India and assimilated into many foreign cultures, and consequently Vesākha is celebrated in many ways all over the world. See what is Vesak day below: (more…)

Ho Yan Hor Museum Official Launch

Ho Yan Hor Museum Official Launch

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On this Saturday, the 30th of April, there is a big celebration in Ipoh old town with the Ho Yan Hor Museum official launch as well as Hovid’s (Hovid Berhad) 75th Anniversary. Go to the bottom of the post to check out the background story of this herbal tea!

Do share it out, bring along your friends and family and come have fun!

Highlights of the event:
  • Exhibitions of the oldies, games & classic vehicles, trishaws & bicycles
  • A FUN Photo Booth
  • Finger food stalls
  • Jeff Chin (MyFM DJ) as the Official Emcee and opening ceremony by:
    – Ipoh City Mayor & State Committee
    – A speech by Mr. David Ho
  • Parade including marching band to lead:
    – Lion & Dragon Dance
    – Vintage Cars + Trishaws + Bicycles
    – Chinese Opera Characters
    – Cultural dance, Kompang Melayu
    – Herbal Tea Ladies
  • 75 sets of HYH Gift to take home


Dry Season Affecting Pomelo

Dry Season Affecting Pomelo

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Pomelo’s binomial name: Citrus Maxima is actually native to South and Southeast Asia but loved by east Asians and consider it one of the must-have items for all occasions. It’s especially famous in an area called Tambun within Ipoh city limits as the soil there are perfect for pomelo trees. As of now, Tambun is famous in this region for producing the best white, pink, and red flesh pomelo.

Side story, some farmers actually tried to plant it elsewhere in Ipoh but ultimately only those in Tambun survived… Which is why Tambun Pomelo is a signature of Ipoh and a must buy souvenir together with Kaya Puffs and “Heong Peng” aka fragrance biscuit (with I’ll take about in a later post).

With Dry Season Affecting Pomelo Quality, Buy or Not to Buy?

Farmers and sellers of pomelo ongoing a hard time as the dry seasons affecting pomelo growth in Ipoh. As the heat wave continues to strike, new flower bulbs dried off causing 70% – 80% loss to farmers.

Pomelo plantation owners already stop exporting to supply enough fruits for the local but it’s hardly enough. Simple economics played out here with low supply and high demand for high-quality pomelo.

Fruit vendors reported that the wholesale price skyrocketed as it hits the record high this season.

It’s not good for business as I need to honestly tell my customers that the dry season affecting pomelo quality as the pomelo trees barely able to survive now.

– Owner of Xian Fatt Fruit Stall

So what I suggest is that it’s best to keep away from pomelo now. You’ll want a fully grown juicy fruit, what I’ve tried were far from juicy. Trust me, you don’t want to eat a half-dried pomelo, it’ll be all fiber and hard to swallow… even felt a hint of bitterness as it’s a from a citrus family of fruit.

Phase 2 Gua Tambun Awareness Event

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Gua Tambun, 4000+ years red rock painting / prehistoric rock art

I am sure those who came to Ipoh breakfast on Dim Sum, brunched on Kai See Hor Fun, launched on Dai Shu Geok (Big Tree Foot), desert on the smooth tofu bean curd, 3.15 for white coffee and kaya puffs in one of the many kopitiams, dinner on Bean Sprout Chicken, and supper on our local street food… been to all the famous cave temples, the historic Ipoh Railway Station, the strangely named Second Wife’s Lane aka “Concubine Lane”, or the took a selfie with Ernest’s 7 and a half mural. Well, I dare to ask any one of the travelers or Ipoh locals if anyone can tell me about Gua Tambun if they had fully explored Ipoh… (more…)