Ipoh Secrets - Lantern Night Walk 2017 | Lantern Festival (Ipoh Old Town)

Lantern Night Walk 2017 | Lantern Festival

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Lantern Night Walk 2017

Ipoh Secrets - Traditional LanternMid-Autumn Festival @ Ipoh Old Town

People often wondered what to do at night in Ipoh, most say that there’s nothing much to do after 5pm… which is kinda true. That is why this year Ipoh Secrets will be organizing our first-ever “Lantern Night Walk 2017” (FB link)!

Explore Ipoh old town like never before, right after dark! It’ll be fun to see lanterns with all kinds of shapes and sizes walking along Kinta River and around the old town of Ipoh! This event will feature guides from Ipoh Secrets and Vloft Backpackers Hostel to lead you around, going off the beaten path!

Participants will be required to bring along their own lantern, with enough spare candles & your lighter. Lanterns can be store-bought or *DIY, it is up to you!


Event Fee:

Meeting Point:
Vloft Backpackers Hostel ground floor entrance (map | website)

Starting Time:

Things to Bring:
Your lantern, a box of candles, lighter, sense of adventure
To ensure that we’ll not be blinded, no flash/torch/LED lights allowed during the walk.

“Lantern Night Walk 2017” is organized by Ipoh Secrets, recipient of 2017 Certificate of Excellence by Tripadvisor (link).
Ipoh Secrets Tours Sdn. Bhd. (1155280-U) KPK/LN 8499

*If you want to DIY your own traditional lantern for the event? Join this workshop conducted by traditional lantern maker just around the corner! Click on the link ~here~

Back Story of Mid-Autumn Festival

Chinese communities around the globe celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival annually. The date will be set according to the traditional Chinese Lunar Calendar since the early Tang dynasty on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, usually falling in the Gregorian calendar August or September.

The festival, also referred to as the Mooncake or Lantern Festival, is traditionally observed to give thanks for a good harvest. Because the festival coincides with the day of the full moon, it is also a time for appreciating the beauty of the moon. The tradition of mooncakes, full moon-shaped pastries traditionally made with lotus seed paste, began in the reign of the Yuan dynasty (the Mongol dynasty).

Today, moon-viewing parties and lantern processions are held to celebrate the occasion, and mooncakes, now in flavors as diverse as chocolate and durian, are often enjoyed with friends and family.

"Kumarsutra" Nationwide Tour in Ipoh - IpohSecrets

“Kumarsutra” Nationwide Tour

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Stand Up Comedy Coming To Ipoh – “Kumarsutra” Nationwide Tour

"Kumarsutra" Nationwide Tour in Ipoh - IpohSecrets
Click to enlarge

For the first time ever, stand-up comedian Kumar will be performing “Kumarsutra” Nationwide, and his first stop will be in Ipoh, Perak. Yes, you’re right! The legendary hill city, dotted full with Cave Temples, renowned for the one and only place to go for White Coffee, Nasi Ganja, Kai See Hor Fun, Tau Foo Fah, and don’t forget to join a heritage walk to learn about the old tin mining town here! Don’t miss this one of a kind show at the Kinta Riverfront Hotel, 8th SEPTEMBER 2017! Read more about it below.


Who is Kumar?

Kumar is hailed as one of South East Asia’s most iconic and respected performing artist and a brilliant stand-up comedian. In the past two decades, Kumar has proven to be a multi-talented performer, entertaining millions as a comedian, TV host, actor, dancer, director, and author. Widely known for poking fun at all things controversial, Kumar’s caustic remarks, based on everyday observations, are bound to have audiences bowling over with laughter! Now, he brings you “Kumarsutra” Nationwide Tour in Ipoh!

“Kumarsutra” is a show that culminates all of Kumar’s talents, integrating the elements that have made him famous. Fusing together the traditional and modern aspects of performing arts that have been perfected over the years, Kumar brings you a show like none other, transcending across age, gender, and race. Audiences can witness Kumar’s raunchy humor as he entertains with his sharp wit, whimsical storytelling and the ability to find the funny in the most difficult situations.

Details & Ticket

"Kumarsutra" Nationwide Tour in Ipoh - IpohSecrets
Click to enlarge
WHEN : September 8th, 2017
TIME : 8:30 PM
VENUE : Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites, Ipoh
MAP   Google Map | GPS: 4.6022125, 101.0793311
PRICE : VIP (RM 250)
    Platinum (RM 200)
    Gold (RM 150)
    Silver (RM 100)
LANGUAGE : English
AGE LIMIT : 18 years and above




But… but It’s next week! NEXT FRIDAY! HURRY and get your tickets NOW!

Head to Ticketpro Malaysia to grab your “Kumarsutra” Nationwide Tour in Ipoh tickets now! Click on the link here!
Alternatively, you can purchase your tickets via any of the Ticketpro outlets (find your nearest ticket outlet here), or via the Ticketpro Call Centre by calling: +603 7880 7999

For more information on show details, please visit:
Website | Facebook | Facebook Event | Buy Ticket


Proudly brought to you by LOL Events, the show will see Kumar perform a personalized show that will bring the audience through a story of struggle and triumph, all delivered Kumar’s trademark sense of humor. The show tours 7 cities in Malaysia – Ipoh, Penang, Melaka, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and Johor Bahru throughout September and October.

Recognized with 2017 Certificate of Excellence

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TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

Yesterday we received an email from TripAdvisor and to our surprise, it’s an award! Below explains what is this about, copied from TripAdvisor’s website and as you can see, it’s only given to the top 10%!

TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence award honors hospitality businesses that consistently achieve outstanding reviews on TripAdvisor. This award is only given to the top 10 percent of accommodations, attractions, restaurants, and vacation rentals listed on TripAdvisor.


Click to enlarge

This achievement proves that where there’s a will there’s a way. We started as a small company with only limited funds, manpower, and without any kind of backing. Working alone feeding on pure passion and dedication, being recognized is a huge thing for us!


The hard work finally pays off this year, with Ipoh and Perak getting major news attention for Lonely Planet Best in Asia and Top 10 Regions listing. We are interviewed by CNN travel author Emily Ding and listed in CNN… and now this!

This is a huge encouragement to the Ipoh Secrets team, to guests’ and supporters of Ipoh Secrets, a big THANK YOU to you all!

Check out our TripAdvisor page: ipohsecrets.com/tripadvisor


Phase 3 Gua Tambun Public Archaeology Program

Public Archaeology Program Entering Phase 3

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Gua Tambun Public Archaeology Program

Participants trying to find out the rock art motifs during the last Public Archaeology Program
Participants trying to find out the rock art motifs during the last Public Archaeology Program

After ending the phase 2 of Gua Tambun event on the 9th of April (click here for phase 2), the 3rd phase of Gua Tambun Public Archaeology Program by GTHAP (Gua Tambun Heritage Awareness Program) is BACK!

The Gua Tambun Rock Art Public Archaeology Program restarted all thanks to all the generous donors, I salute you.

If you missed the previous phase, do join this time because this time! The difference is that GTHAP will be doing this only once a month but with this time they are running 2 sessions on the same day! Their first “Public Archaeology Program” for phase 3 will be held on this Saturday, the team will greet you at the meeting point and later venture in and stay at the archaeology site from 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 5pm.

To reach site, we will need to walking up some stairs, so do wear comfortable shoes, bring along sunscreen/umbrella, insect replant, drinks to re-hydrate, and a determined mind… trust me, you’ll need it when walking up stairs 😉

Details as below:

Date: June 2nd | August 6th | September 3rd | October 1st | November 5th | December 3rd
Time: 9.00 AM & 2.00 PM
Meeting Point: Caltex Tambun (petrol station)
Google Maps: Click Here
GPS Coordinates: 4.607277, 101.129271
Entrance Fee/Tour Fare: FREE OF CHARGE!
(For late comers, you’ll had to navigate into the site yourself, try asking your bro Mr. Google)

Come to the meeting point, meet up with the ‬awesome GTHAP volunteer team, and go back in time! If you aren’t sure or  feel that you need someone to bring your group of friends and family over, consider joining our Ipoh Secrets Private Tour (link) and get to know other secrets of Ipoh within the same day!

Gua Tambun Heritage Awareness Program (GTHAP): Homepage | Facebook
Ipoh Secrets Tour: Homepage | Full Day Tour | Private Tour

Phase 3 Gua Tambun Public Archaeology Program event dates and time
Phase 3 Gua Tambun Public Archaeology Program event dates and time
Spending Your 2016 Vesak Day Holiday - Tambun Tibetan Pagoda

Spending Your 2016 Vesak Day Holiday

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Spending Your 2016 Vesak Day Holiday

Had any idea on spending your 2016 Vesak Day holiday? How about going for “Thangka” sunning ritual & a prehistoric cave… on the same day?

Vesak day is one of the many public holidays in Malaysia celebrated by Buddhist all around the world. Buddhism spread from India and assimilated into many foreign cultures, and consequently Vesākha is celebrated in many ways all over the world. See what is Vesak day below:

Vesākha (Pali; Sanskrit: Vaiśākha), also known as Buddha Purnima and Buddha Day, is a holiday observed traditionally by Buddhists on different days in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Tibet, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia and in other places all over the world. Sometimes informally called “Buddha’s Birthday”, it actually commemorates the birth, enlightenment (nirvāna), and death (Parinirvāna) of Gautama Buddha in the Theravada or southern tradition.

Source: Wikipedia

Vesak Day “Thangka” sunning ritual

In Ipoh, the Enlightened Heart Buddhist Temple in Tambun, it’s said that more than 5,000 devotees from around the world are expected to attend the celebration. The celebration begins with devotees bathing a statue of Buddha in a pond followed by a few rituals including chants and dance.

The highlight of the celebration will the famous “Thangka” sunning ritual where they will unfold a giant canvas painting of the Buddha before exposing it to the sun’s rays. The sunning of the painting follows a tradition in Tibet of the sunning of carpets to absorb the powers of the sun and promote peace, harmony, success and good health. Hundreds of devotees will gathered up to unfold the gargantuan size of 180 foot by 30 foot Thangka at the temple parking lot and after the unfolding, devotees will walk under the thangka to receive good luck for the year.

Every year the disciples touch up the painting to ensure that it remains in pristine condition. The Thangka is the temple’s specialty, and attracts devotees from all over the region. At the moment, it might be the largest painting of its kind in Malaysia.

Spending Your 2016 Vesak Day Holiday - Enlightened Heart Buddhist Temple
Enlightened Heart Buddhist Temple


The Prehistoric Gua Tambun

As Ipoh Secrets are keen on promoting and preserving our heritage, the prehistoric rock art of Gua Tambun (previous event), we invited《摄影玩家》&《旅游玩家》over for a photography session after they finish doing their rounds at the “Thangka” sunning ritual.

With the help of Dr. Goh and the GTHAP team, we hope that the group of photography enthusiast will able to capture and spread out the news about the dire condition of Gua Tambun with amazing pictures.

If you like spending your 2016 Vesak day holiday in a national heritage site, do come by at the meeting point on time (info at bottom of the page)!


Meeting Point:

Date: 21st May 2016
Time: 2.30 PM
Meeting Point: Caltex Tambun (petrol station)
Google Maps: Click Here
GPS Coordinates: 4.607277, 101.129271
Entrance Fee/Tour Fare: FREE OF CHARGE!

(For late comers, you’ll had to navigate into the site yourself, try asking your bro Mr. Google)

This free guided tour organized by Ipoh Secrets, guided by:
Gua Tambun Heritage Awareness Program (GTHAP)
Links: Homepage | Facebook

Photographers event by:
摄影人旅游玩家 Photography Magazine & Travel Magazine: Facebook | Event
Photography Magazine: 摄影玩家 Photo Creator, Advanced Images & Fotografika | Link
Travel Magazine: 旅游玩家 Travelmate & Travelution | Link

Spending Your 2016 Vesak Day Holiday - Gua Tambun Heritage Awareness Program
Gua Tambun Heritage Awareness Program


Ho Yan Hor Museum Official Launch

Ho Yan Hor Museum Official Launch

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Ho Yan Hor Museum Official Launch and 75th Anniversary Celebration

On this Saturday, the 30th of April, there is a big celebration in Ipoh old town with the Ho Yan Hor Museum official launch as well as Hovid’s (Hovid Berhad) 75th Anniversary. Go to the bottom of the post to check out the background story of this herbal tea!

Do share it out, bring along your friends and family and come have fun!

Highlights of the event:

  • Exhibitions of the oldies, games & classic vehicles, trishaws & bicycles
  • A FUN Photo Booth
  • Finger food stalls
  • Jeff Chin (MyFM DJ) as the Official Emcee and opening ceremony by:
    – Ipoh City Mayor & State Committee
    – A speech by Mr. David Ho
  • Parade including marching band to lead the:
    – Lion & Dragon Dance
    – Vintage Cars + Trishaws + Bicycles
    – Chinese Opera Characters
    – Cultural dance, Kompang Melayu
    – Herbal Tea Ladies
  • 75 sets of HYH Gift to take home
Ho Yan Hor Museum Official Launch
HYHM Official Launch Invitation Card

A short backgroud story of this herbal tea

Ever since the soft launching of the museum earlier this year (January 16th 2016), it’s a great hit with tourist flocking in curious about their favorite packat herbal tea. ‎Ho Yan Hor Herbal Tea‬ or 何人可凉茶 can be considered one of the most iconic herbal tea in Malaysia concocted by Dr. Ho Kai Cheong at the shop house just beside the famous Hakka gentleman’s club (Han Chin Pet Soo 闲真别墅), in the old town of Ipoh just after World War 2 with the intention of helping people.

It was a popular alternative to western medicine with its cooling and anti viral properties. Ho Yan Hor Herbal Tea was the most seek after solution during the Worldwide Flu Epidemic in 1950s. Since then, Ho Yan Hor has become a household name. After 74 years, Ho Yan Hor Herbal Tea still remains as the favorite among many as a natural herbal beverage.

Links for Ho Yan Hor Museum 何人可博物馆
Facebook | Website | Google Map Location


Dry Season Affecting Pomelo

Dry Season Affecting Pomelo

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Pomelo’s binomial name: Citrus Maxima is actually native to South and Southeast Asia but loved by east Asians and consider it one of the must have items in all occasions. It’s especially famous in an area called Tambun within Ipoh city limits as the soil there are perfect for pomelo trees. As of now, Tambun is famous in this region for producing the best white, pink, and red flesh pomelo.

Side story, some farmers actually tried to plant it elsewhere in Ipoh but ultimately only those in Tambun survived… Which is why Tambun Pomelo is a signature  of Ipoh and a must buy souvenir together with Kaya Puffs and “Heong Peng” aka fragrance biscuit (with I’ll take about in later post).

With Dry Season Affecting Pomelo Quality, Buy or Not to Buy?

Farmers and sellers of pomelo ongoing a hard time as the dry seasons affecting pomelo growth in Ipoh. As the heat wave continues to strike, new flower bulbs dried off causing 70% – 80% loss to farmers.

Pomelo plantation owners already stop exporting to supply enough fruits for the local but it’s hardly enough. Simple economics played out here with low supply and high demand for high quality pomelo.

Fruit vendors reported that the wholesale price skyrocketed as it hits record high this season.

It’s not good for business as I need to honestly tell my customers that the dry season affecting pomelo quality as the pomelo trees barely able to survive now.

– Owner of Xian Fatt Fruit Stall

So what I suggest is that it’s best to keep away from pomelo now. You’ll want a fully grown juicy fruit, what I’ve tried were far from juicy. Trust me, you don’t want to eat a half-dried pomelo, it’ll be all fiber and hard to swallow… even felt a hint of bitterness as it’s a from a citrus family of fruit.

Phase 2 Gua Tambun Awareness Event

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Gua Tambun, a 4000+ years red rock painting / prehistoric rock art

I am sure those who came to Ipoh breakfast on Dim Sum, brunched on Kai See Hor Fun, lunched on Dai Shu Geok (Big Tree Foot), desert on the smooth tofu bean curd, 3.15 for white coffee and kaya puffs in one of the many kopitiams, dinner on Bean Sprout Chicken, and supper on our local street food… been to all the famous cave temples, the historic Ipoh Railway Station, the strangely named Second Wife’s Lane aka “Concubine Lane”, or the took a selfie with Ernest’s 7 and a half mural. Well, I dare to ask any one of them travelers or Ipoh locals if anyone can tell me about Gua Tambun if they had fully explored Ipoh…

Everyone who can search online probably know of this long list that I mentioned earlier but what I’m telling you later isn’t. What if someone ask you about another piece of art, a national heritage, one the remaining red rock paintings in the Malay Peninsular that dates back 4000 years ago (maybe more), that is located right inside Ipoh called Gua Tambun? Can you bring me there?

Well do take note on this event that will be held on this Saturday, 9th of April 2016, as you’ll be surprised that there is still something that you don’t know existed… Well it exist, more than 4000 years well before us! Gua Tambun Heritage Awareness Program (GTHAP) will be organizing their awareness program for the last time (ending their second phase), and who knows when will they start with a 3rd phase?

If you missed the previous events, you’re an ‎Ipohmali‬ or staying around Ipoh area, or anyone that cares about art, do drop by 9 o’clock at the morning of Saturday to know more about the “not so famous art” of Tambun in Ipoh. We will be walking up some stairs, so do wear comfortable shoes, bring along sunscreen/umbrella, insect replant and drinks to re-hydrate.

Details as below:
Date: 9 April 2016
Time: 9.00 AM
Meeting Point: Caltex Tambun (petrol station)
Google Maps: Click Here
GPS Coordinates: 4.607277, 101.129271
Entrance Fee/Tour Fare: FREE OF CHARGE!

(For late comers, you’ll had to navigate into the site yourself, try asking your bro Mr. Google)

Ipoh Secrets - Gua Tambun prehistoric rock art
Gua Tambun Heritage Awareness Program details

Come to the meeting point, meet up with the ‬awesome GTHAP volunteer team, we will bring you back in time! If you aren’t sure or feel alone going there, or want us Ipoh Secrets to tag along, we’ll be happy to bring you there. Just give me a text/call.


Gua Tambun Heritage Awareness Program (GTHAP): Homepage | Facebook
My Road Planner 大馬路: here


(If you’re wondering who is that black shirt guy… that’s John)

Safety inspection underway

Long Closed Gua Tempurung Reopens

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Gua Tempurung Reopens!

With Gua Tempurung reopens, it gives our local tourism a shine of new hope! Since last year, no one knows about the closure given the few as it was closed without giving any notice to the public. Only those who went there personally got to know about the closure, troubling the those who involved in the local tourism like tour operators, hoteliers, and taxi drivers.

In this long 8 months, I have heard and read numerous travelers from all around the world who came to Ipoh for the purpose of visiting this famous limestone cave. Most of them are backpackers and travelers who came in a tight budget but decided to take a taxi to Gua Tempurung (which is still without any direct public transportation) about 30 kilometers away from Ipoh only to be shun away by Gua Tempurung’s own tour operator without giving any reason… try to imagine their disappointment! Furthermore they had wasted their precious time and money which can give us (Ipoh) a very very bad name, I can say this is a PR disaster for our local tourism department, namely: Tourism Perak.

“I was surprised when told by Gua Tempurung operators that both of the Golden Flowstone Tour and the Top of the World (Tour 1 & 2) were closed until further notice. I didn’t expect that one of my tour itinerary would be closed down just like that! I contacted Tourism Perak and the Gua Tempurung tour operators and they were not able to give a definite answer about this matter and refuse to tell me when it will reopen.”
– John, Ipoh Secrets guide

After such a long closure, it was a relieve finally hearing Gua Tempurung reopens, and we can now start planning for the future.

Long Closed Gua Tempurung Reopens
The majestic Gua Tempurung

“Gua Tempurung, the largest limestone cave in peninsular Malaysia, will be reopened to the public from Friday”

New Straits Times Online
By Raja Khalidatul Asrin – 30 March 2016 @ 6:18 PM
Read More: Here
Ipoh Secrets Tour Collage

Howdy Ipohites, Hello World

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Ipoh Secrets blog!

Having considered opening a blog for quite some time for Ipoh Secrets and just didn’t put enough effort to press the start button. Well, the benefits of starting a blog can be significant enough that I will affect my main website (here), so here goes nothing ~ Ipoh Secrets blog!

Before posting anything, I need to set up some rules and targets for future guidance in case I went too far off course:

  1. To promote Ipoh Secrets Tour
  2. Inform and update anything related to Ipoh Secrets
  3. Introduce Ipoh, Perak, and even Malaysia to the world!
  4. Any new foodies places that’s worth mentioning… damn food porn
  5. Future Events and festivals in Ipoh
  6. Post frequently, at least once a month.
  7. And lastly, I’ll include some of my personal expeditions around Ipoh area
What Ipoh Secrets blog does NOT need:
  • Don’t need to be too long. Short 100 – 200 words is fine.
  • Does not need to be written in a flowery language, readable will be fine.
  • Topics don’t need to be serious.
  • Not written by a hired professional. We’re a down to earth bunch!


The main point of Ipoh Secrets blog is of course to help us:

  1. Sand Out from our competition

    We need to stand out to attract people’s attention, so we need good planning on our itinerary and the list of places & attractions, emphasize on providing the best of the best. We’re not only the expert in our field but we’re locals. We know all the cool places to hangout and dine, and hold all the secrets that hot-spots tourists don’t know about. Ipoh Secrets blog will tell that our tours are better than others.

  2. Give us a unique personality

    We like to differentiate ourselves from the usual tour agent & operators that just want a quick buck by cashing tourist at tourist traps. The reason we name ourselves “Ipoh Secrets” is that we want our guests to get to know the hidden secrets, not just a boring transfer between attractions and taking them to overpriced restaurants.

  3. Answer or clarify our guests’ concern

    Any topics, conversations, concerns, misconceptions, questions, or uncertainties that I found out during our tours or from emails will be answered in Ipoh Secrets blog. This is also a place to share what goes on behind the scenes of our tours, answer to questions that might not have anything directly to do with booking our tours but are related to them, information on what to expect, a thing or two about the interesting facts with some photo commentary for our guest to imagine what our tours would be like. Maybe adding a FAQ page later on too!

  4. SEO ranking

    Ipoh Secrets blog will keep our main website active with new and relevant information to boost ranking, adding more pages attached to my main website.


So lets start writing! First news here!

Ipoh Secrets blog
A list of places to go!