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Long Closed Gua Tempurung Reopens

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With Gua Tempurung reopens, it gives our local tourism a shine of new hope! Since last year, no one knows about the closure given the few as it was closed without giving any notice to the public. Only those who went there personally got to know about the closure, troubling the those who involved in the local tourism like tour operators, hoteliers, and taxi drivers.

In this long 8 months, I have heard and read numerous travelers from all around the world who came to Ipoh for the purpose of visiting this famous limestone cave. Most of them are backpackers and travelers who came on a tight budget but decided to take a taxi to Gua Tempurung (which is still without any direct public transportation) about 30 kilometers away from Ipoh only to be shunned away by Gua Tempurung’s own tour operator without giving any reason… try to imagine their disappointment! Furthermore, they had wasted their precious time and money which can give us (Ipoh) a very very bad name, I can say this is a PR disaster for our local tourism department, namely: Tourism Perak.


“I was surprised when told by Gua Tempurung operators that both of the Golden Flowstone Tour and the Top of the World (Tour 1 & 2) were closed until further notice. I didn’t expect that one of my tour itineraries would be closed down just like that! I contacted Tourism Perak and the Gua Tempurung tour operators and they were not able to give a definite answer about this matter and refuse to tell me when it will reopen.”

– John, Ipoh Secrets guide


After such a long closure, it was a relieve finally hearing Gua Tempurung reopens, and we can now start planning for the future.

Long Closed Gua Tempurung Reopens
The majestic Gua Tempurung

“Gua Tempurung, the largest limestone cave in peninsular Malaysia, will be reopened to the public from Friday”

New Straits Times Online
By Raja Khalidatul Asrin – 30 March 2016 @ 6:18 PM
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