Our Mission

To be the best provider for specialised tours, showcasing Ipoh first and eventually Perak state, to the visitors from around the world. We have vast knowledge and experiences about unique and interesting spots in this state which we are confident, will surprise the most avid traveller.

Now you can see many attractions in Ipoh which no guide book told you about through Ipoh Secrets.

What We Do?

Ipoh Secrets Tours was formed to provide the connectivity needed for tourists to fully enjoy the many beauty spots in and around Ipoh that few know about as there is so little information about this city on the Internet. The city’s huge area makes it impossible for visitors to get around by themselves and here is where we come in to ring the best of Ipoh to you.

History of Ipoh

Ipoh is the country’s fourth-largest city and a gateway to the Cameron Highlands and halfway between Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

Ipoh’s vibrant history dates over 100 years back from the early 19th century during the tin mining boom. Today, Ipoh is a spread out city with jungle and hill treks, waterfalls and caves within the city limits for the avid and adventurous tourists to visit. It also has fascinating Taoist, Hindu and Buddhist temples built in caves.

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