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Long Closed Gua Tempurung Reopens

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With Gua Tempurung reopens, it gives our local tourism a shine of new hope! Since last year, no one knows about the closure given the few as it was closed without giving any notice to the public. Only those who went there personally got to know about the closure, troubling the those who involved in the local tourism like tour operators, hoteliers, and taxi drivers.

In this long 8 months, I have heard and read numerous travelers from all around the world who came to Ipoh for the purpose of visiting this famous limestone cave. Most of them are backpackers and travelers who came on a tight budget but decided to take a taxi to Gua Tempurung (which is still without any direct public transportation) about 30 kilometers away from Ipoh only to be shunned away by Gua Tempurung’s own tour operator without giving any reason… try to imagine their disappointment! Furthermore, they had wasted their precious time and money which can give us (Ipoh) a very very bad name, I can say this is a PR disaster for our local tourism department, namely: Tourism Perak. (more…)

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Howdy Ipohites, Hello World

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Ipoh Secrets blog!

Having considered opening a blog for quite some time for Ipoh Secrets and just didn’t put enough effort to press the start button. Well, the benefits of starting a blog can be significant enough that I will affect my main website (here), so here goes nothing ~ Ipoh Secrets blog!

Before posting anything, I need to set up some rules and targets for future guidance in case I went too far off course:

  1. To promote Ipoh Secrets Tour
  2. Inform and update anything related to Ipoh Secrets
  3. Introduce Ipoh, Perak, and even Malaysia to the world!
  4. Any new foodies places that are worth mentioning… damn food porn
  5. Future Events and festivals in Ipoh
  6. Post frequently, at least once a month.
  7. And lastly, I’ll include some of my personal expeditions around Ipoh area
What Ipoh Secrets blog does NOT need:
  • Don’t need to be too long. Short 100 – 200 words is fine.
  • Does not need to be written in a flowery language, readable will be fine.
  • Topics don’t need to be serious.
  • Not written by a hired professional. We’re a down to earth bunch!


The main point of Ipoh Secrets blog is of course to help us:
  1. Sand Out from our competition

    We need to stand out to attract people’s attention, so we need good planning on our itinerary and the list of places & attractions, emphasize on providing the best of the best. We’re not only the expert in our field but we’re locals. We know all the cool places to hangout and dine, and hold all the secrets that hot-spots tourists don’t know about. Ipoh Secrets blog will tell that our tours are better than others.

  2. Give us a unique personality

    We like to differentiate ourselves from the usual tour agent & operators that just want a quick buck by cashing tourist at tourist traps. The reason we name ourselves “Ipoh Secrets” is that we want our guests to get to know the hidden secrets, not just a boring transfer between attractions and taking them to overpriced restaurants.

  3. Answer or clarify our guests’ concern

    Any topics, conversations, concerns, misconceptions, questions, or uncertainties that I found out during our tours or from emails will be answered in Ipoh Secrets blog. This is also a place to share what goes on behind the scenes of our tours, answer to questions that might not have anything directly to do with booking our tours but are related to them, information on what to expect, a thing or two about the interesting facts with some photo commentary for our guest to imagine what our tours would be like. Maybe adding a FAQ page later on too!

  4. SEO ranking

    Ipoh Secrets blog will keep our main website active with new and relevant information to boost ranking, adding more pages attached to my main website.


So let’s start writing! The first news here!

Ipoh Secrets blog
A list of places to go!